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Information about the event

NGO Fair – 4 Forum of the Civil Society in Macedonia

NGO Fair – 4th Forum of the Civil Society in Macedonia will take place from 3rd till 5th of December 2004 at the Skopje Fair.
(Conditions and application forms)

The following types of organizations can participate in the NGO Fair:
- Associations of citizens and foundations registered in Macedonia;
- Foreign and international organisations and agencies with branch office in Macedonia;
- Governmental institutions (Ministries and Agencies)

At the NGO Fair, guests from the region will be invited too.
The goals of this event are:

  • creating an atmosphere for exchanging experiences, and motivating mutual understanding and respect among the civic organisations;
  • stimulating better dialogue among the civic organisations;
  • increasing the level of communication, coordination, and cooperation;
  • increasing the level of informing of the public and the other actors about the activities of the civic organisations; 
  • contributing to the information exchange among the organisations from the region.

The NGO Fair consists of three components:

  • Forum activities;
  • Exhibition part;
  • Socio-cultural events.

NGO Fair will have main theme and focus country which will mark the event and will permeate through all its components. This year, the main theme will be European integration of Macedonia, and the focus country will be Slovenia.



a) Public debates (forum discussions)

The Forum part will be comprised of public debates (panel discussions, round tables), where different issues and themes will be discussed, issues that are of interest to the whole sector, as well as to the general public. 

b) Educative sessions

The educative sessions will be an integral part of the Forum activities. At the educative sessions, different topics concerning the strengthening of the institutional capacity of the civic organisations will be discussed and analysed. Basically, the session will have an informative character.

- Self-organisation of the events

Within the NGO Fair, the civic organisations will have an opportunity to self-organize forum discussions and educative sessions. The self-organisation of forum discussions and educative sessions implies that the organisations should select a topic, should provide suitable keynote speaker and chairperson (as well as providing board and lodgings, payment etc. for them, if necessary). The organizers of the NGO Fair will provide the space, the term, and the technical equipment (loudspeaker system, LCD projector etc.)

Thus, the organizers invite all interested civic organisations to submit application with the discussion topic and the topic of the educative session, no later than October 22, 2004.

The application form can be obtained bellow, by electronic mail, or at the premises of MCIC.

Since the main topic will be European integration of Macedonia, it is highly recommended to direct the proposed themes for debates and for the educative sessions in this direction.

The Program Board is responsible for determining the topics to be presented at the forum part, in regard to matching the topics with the goals of the NGO Fair, and in regard to the available space. 


    The NGO Fair provides opportunity for the participants to introduce themselves at the exhibition part, using (booths, posters and audio-visual mechanisms).


a) Basic exhibition space

The basic exhibition space planned for presentation activities has 9 m2. It consists of a booth, made of octane-ram system, panel – boards duplex; carpet covering, infopult 100/100 or 2 from 50/50; written names of the participants with block-letters in Macedonian language; tables with 4 chairs; reflector lighting; power outlet.

Additional equipment and services (for instant, Internet access for the booth, etc.) comes at extra cost. The organisations should make an individual contact and an agreement with the Skopje Fair regarding such needs.

If the organisations have different ideas regarfing the design of their booths, they may implement other arrangement, but they should notify the Skopje Fair in advance. 

The organisation desiring to add additional text in other language and alphabet on the header of thear booth, besides the Macedonian version, would have to cover the expense of 320 MKD per writings (table). The maximum number of tables which can be put on the stand is three.

The cost is 1,000 MKD per m2, or 9,000 MKD total for a standard booth.

  • The organisations with a 2003 annual budget smaller than 500,000 MKD will have an opportunity to use a booth rent-fee, if together with two other organisations. Each of these organisations should submit a deposit of 3.600 MKD in the determined time-limit. The deposit will be paid back on the last day of the NGO Fair. The deposit will be a guarantee for the permanent presence of the organisations at the stands in the course of the event.
  • The organisations with a 2003 annual budget between 500,000 and 5.000.000 MKD will have to cover 40% of the total cost or 3.600,00 MKD for a basic stand of 9 m2. 
  • The organisations with a 2003 annual budget exceeding the amount of 5.000.000,00 MKD, and the international organisations and agencies, will have to pay the total cost (1,000 MKD per m2).

b) Additional exhibition space

Each organisation will have an opportunity to rent more space than the planned basic space. In that case, the organisations will pay the total cost (1,000 MKD per m2).

Poster board presentation

The organisations with a 2003 annual budget smaller than 500,000 have the possibility to use poster–presentation free of charge.

The cost of the poster-presentation for the organisations with a budget for 2003 that exceeds the amount of 500,000 MKD will be 500 MKD.

AV (audio-visual) presentation

The properly registered participant organizations may also use AV presentation free of charge. Participants would have to submit the presentation no later than November 7, 2004. It should be made in MS Power Point format, and should consist of up to 20 pages.



Several socio-cultural events will take place at the NGO Fair, based on the personal creativity of the civic organisations and directed towards promotion of cultural heritage and values.

Similarly to the forum discussions and the educative sessions, the individual organizations will have to organize the socio-cultural events by themselves. A limited number of small grants will be available for supporting the organization of the socio-cultural events.

If some of the proposed events are inconsistent with the goals of NGO Fair, or if the number of proposals exceeds the available capacity, the Program Board will make a selection of the most suitable proposals. 

Possibility for covering the accommodation costs

The organisations that have a seat out of Skopje and the surrounding towns Kumanovo, Tetovo, Gostivar, and Veles will be given a possibility for partial coverage of the accommodation costs for only one representative from the organisation. Priority in this regard will have the organisations that are going to self-organize a forum discussion or educative session and the organisations with annual budgets less than 500,000 MKD or between 500,000 and 5,000,000 MKD.



The deadline for applying for the NGO Fair – 4th Forum of the Civic Society in Macedonia is November 1, 2004 in the premises of MCIC, at the following address: Nikola Parapunov bb.; post fax. 55; 1000 Skopje.

In order to stimulate timely organizing of the available space, the organizations which will apply before October 22 will be awarded with 10% discount of the regular fees.

The organizers have the right to exclude those organisations which will apply after the deadline (November 1, 2004).

Those organisations applying after November 1, will have to pay a 20% increase of the regular fee.

The application forms will be available at the Internet also at

Application forms:

Contact person:
Krenar Kuka,
tel. 02/3065-381, extension 134
(11am to 3 pm, every working day),
Fax. 02/3085 298;


The entry for the participants at the NGO Fair will be free of charge.

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