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  Organizational CV


Community profile of The Women’s Organization of Sveti Nikole


The Organization of women from Sveti Nikole works actively since 1990 and it represents the continue of the previous woman organizing in the community.


As non-governmental, non-political and non-profitable the Organization of women in accordance to the new law regulations has made a new registration on the 28th of December,1998 and now it is written in the Register of Citizen’s associations and foundations in the Primary Court in Sveti Nikole under number 18 and it will take its activities on the territory of our community. The address is “Plostad Ilinden” – bb. Sveti Nikole,PO box 13. 

 The Organization has 750 members with signed papers for membership from whom 25 are active volunteers and the rest are temporary involved in the work of the Organization and they are invited whenever and wherever there is a need of their presents.

 The organizational structure of the Organization is the following:

-Assembly – is the highest organ of the Organization and it is with changeable number of   members. They have meeting at least once a year, and if there is a need more often. The Assembly confirms the general politic of the Organization of women.

-Presidency – is an executive organ of the Assembly, and the rights and obligations are done in the frame and base of the Statute and Common acts. It has 17 members delegated from the women’s actives in the community, working organizations and institutions.

-President – it is elected on the session of the Assembly with public voting for four year period with the right for re – election. It represents the Organization and protects its interests in front and from third parties.

-Control board – it is elected on the session of the Assembly for four year period and it takes care for proper work of the Organization in accordance to the Statute and at the same time it controls the proper spending of the organizational money. All the results that come out from their control are presented to the Assembly and Presidency of the Organization.

The primer task and mission of the Organization is to act in direction for promotion of women’s status in all spheres like:

-Emancipation and sex equality

-Every kind of help ( legal, social, humanitarian and other )

-Health education and protection as prevention through various forms of lectures and examinations

-Human rights

-Work with children, youth and old persons through various forms

-Cooperation with other NGOs and institutions on local and international level

In that context in the Organization exists many sections and commissions:

-Section for help and social protection

-Section for work with children and young people

-Section for cultural events and recreation

-Section for cooperation  with other NGOs

-Commission for making projects and etc.

The work and activities of the Women organization is public. The decisions for some activities and solving problems which are subject of discussion and agreement are made on the session of the Presidency and those decisions are on power with full meaning if more than one half of the present members of the Presidency vote “FOR”.

Contact persons:

President:  Mrs.Vera Zlateva; tel:032 44 35 91 ; 070 694 692

Coordinator for projects: Miss Radmila Sandeva; tel: 070 689 691

Tel/fax:; 032 44 46 20




Realized project activities of the Women’s Organization of Sveti Nikole

The Organization of Women from Sveti Nikole since its founding  till present day actively works on many fields depending on its program orientations. At the beginning all the activities of the Organization were directed on humanitarian help to the persons that were in a position for social help. So with the help of the Foreign humanitarian organizations like KRIK and GVC from Italy and EKILIBAR from France we divided their donations to the population in our community. Those donations were clothes, food, wood and hygienic packages. In this period to the students in the primary and high schools in Sv.Nikole, and the students with light mental defects that have to go at schools in Veles and Stip as well, we gave them clothes and shoes, and to the kindergarten Rahilka Goneva help in food. To the Gynecologic ward in our hospital we have donation in bad sheets and blankets.

Since 1997 till now the Organization has accepted other way of work. So through realization of projects it started to fulfil its own program activities.


The first project in 1997 that was realized by our side was financially supported by Institute for Susstainable Communities -ISC from Vermont – USA and that project consisted of::

·                                      Cleaning and putting benches and garbage baskets in the city park

·                                      Public speeches on theme “ Struggle against diseases of dependence “. In this part for the students from Sv.Nikole, and surrounding villages Gorobinci and Erdzelija we organized lectures which were made by experts in those fields.


First of all the aim of this project was to inform the young persons about the risks and problems that come out from these diseases, and the park was made like ecological place where they can spend a part of their spare time for recreation, walking and socialization.


The second project that was realized by us was a health project – “ Education of women from the rural environments for early discovering of malign diseases “, that was realized in 1998 and 1999. In this project we had two themes and two task groups:

1.                                    Contraception and its meaning – which theme was for girls and young women as a one task group and

2.                                    Early discovering of cancer of uterus and breast – which theme was for women from different age as a second task group.


We realized this project in two cycles. The first cycle was financially supported by DELFI STAR INTERNATIONAL from Washington – USA, and the second one by MCIC from Skopje – Macedonia. In that frame, free of charges gynecological examinations were made to 200 ( two hundred ) women.


This project which was successfully realized by our side, got very high marks from the donors but it had a very big interest between the women and the young girls from our community, so that why this project stands in our program for further realization.

In the program part for violence on women our organization has realized two projects on themes “ Family violence “ and  “ Life without fear how the next morning will be – right to every woman and child “ which were financially supported by OSI – Macedonia and UNDP – develop program of UN and the office of the High Commissioner for human rights.


Those projects were realized in Sveti Nikole and in the bigger city suburbs as well. For these projects three of our members took participation on the seven day training for family violence in Ulan Bator – Mongolia, where special accent was putted on the violence on children and women and protection from the violence in accordance with the law regulative.


 2000 Activities

In cooperation with the humanitarian association ESE from Skopje – Macedonia  we had realized three projects from the health field:

-Mental health

-Reproductive health

-Growth and development


The Ministry for sport and youth has financially supported one of our projects which was dedicated to the young persons and their parents in our community. The project was on theme : “How to say “NO” to the drug “


2001 Activities

In a meantime we had couple of projects, very important to our Organization. One of them is the project “Education to women from the rural environment for early discovering of malign diseases”, which was financially supported by the Swedish Foundation Kvinna till Kvinna.


Since January 2001 we are running a project financially supported by UNICEF. It is a program for education to children and youths. For that purpose we have opened daily educational center for children and youths - Babylon where we work with over 450 children and around 180 youths.

Also we have a project financially supported by OSI. The project is actually presentation of the Framework Agreement signed this year in Ohrid.


All these projects and actions found big approval not only between the women and youth, but between all the citizens in the community. That motivate the members of the Organization to go on with these kind of actions and work and to find other fields for work, so because of that we prepared new projects which are already sent to couple of foundations from which we asked financial support because our Organization doesn’t have its own assets.



2002 Activities


In February 2002 ended the project on the topic of women’s reproductive health supported by Foundation Open Society Institute Macedonia. A total of 8 workshops were realized with topics about reproductive health, and planning of the family, and the target group were young girls and women from Macedonian and Roma nationality on age between 14 and 34 years.



During the whole 2002 was realized the project “Can we change at least something” that had goal to raise an Initiative for free of charge gynecological examinations for all women.  At the same time were conducted 12 educational workshops in 3 villages of Sveti Nicole and Lozovo Municipalities, and were provided free gynecological examinations for 100 women, as a preventive for early discovering and curing of malign diseases of female reproductive organs. The Swedish Foundation KVINNA TILL KVINNA supported this project financially.


 From April to December 2002 was the realization of the project “We and our world”, financed by Foundation Open Society Institute Macedonia’s Youth Program. A total of 16 workshops were organized covering 8 topics, and participators were 44 youths on age from 14 to 21 years. The topics worked on, were mostly psychosocial and youth health. During the month of July all the youths participated on a 5-day summer camp in Pretor. During these 5 days 8 workshops with 4 topics were realized, those being: self-confidence, self-control, friendship, and so.


During the period of July 25, 2002 to September 10, 2002 was realization of the project “Citizens for fair and democratic elections”, supported by Foundation Open Society Institute Macedonia. A total of 12 workshops were held in 12 villages in Sveti Nikole and Lozovo Municipality including the city of Sveti Nikole for education and motivation of the citizens - voters about the parliament elections that were held on September 15, 2002. Also one radio and TV show were realized, where special guest expert was University professor of Politics systems Gordana Siljanovska.


In collaboration with OXO during the months of August and September were realized a number of activities regarding the project “Fair play Elections”. One open discussion session was organized for the citizens of Sveti Nikole on the topic of the new election regulations, and voting procedures. Promoters on this open discussion were university professor Dimitar Mirchev, and MCIC Executive Director, Sasho Klekovski, which also had special show on the local  TV SVET. Four members of the Organizations were actively involved in the process of collecting citizen’s signatures for Fair play elections, where 1,500 signatures were collected, this number is  more than 10% of the vote eligible citizens of Sveti Nikole.

In cooperation with the Citizen’s Initiative of women, Women’s Organization of Sveti Nikole has realized activities on the issue of economic empowerment of women, which was financed by Star World Learning Network Educational workshops were realized for unemployed women who wants to start own business, also round tables were organized with attendance of donors and creditors.



2003 Activities


During the 2003 is realizing the project “Women for free of charge gynaecological examinations” that has a project goal to change the Law for Health Protection to insure mandatory free of charge gynaecological examinations for all women in order for early discovering of malign diseases of female reproductive organs.  The project is consisted of lobbying for the new Law through round tables and open discussions with representatives from the Governemnt, members of Parliament.  It also incorporates media campaign with a TV spot and printing of posters and flyers.  Women’s Organization of Sveti Nikole has 18 partner NGOs from different cities form all Macedonia that are working on the same project goal.  The project is ongoing till December 31, 2003 and is realized with financial support of the KVINNA TILL KVINNA FOUNDATION form Sweden.


During the months May – July 2003 was realized the project “Mental Health” with financial support of ESE Skopje. The goal of the project was to form groups for help and self- help, a total of 11 workshops were realized on topics such are stress and relaxation, healthy relations ion the families, communication, self-confidence building and so on. 


In the month of May 2003 in cooperation with the women form other NGOs in the town and the women active in politics, business, and trade unions, we realized the project action: “Women from Sveti Nikole for Women of Sveti Nikole. The project goal is self-confidence building of the women in order to take greater participation in politics and public life in general.


During all these time many of our members took part on many educational training’s and workshops in the country and abroad as well. We took part on the International conference in Budapest – Hungary on theme: “ How to put the voluntarism in action “, couple of workshops in Split – Croatia, and workshops and consulting organized by the humanitarian association ESE and MCIC – Skopje – Macedonia. In cooperation with many local NGOs and schools we organized many local working actions cleaning and planting trees.

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